Shifting while on one wheel
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Thread: Shifting while on one wheel

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    Shifting while on one wheel

    Just wondering if any of you guys shift into second while doing first gear wheelies?, and whats the trick?

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    Just get the bike up high enough that it won't come down when you shift.

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    lol. can u shift gears when your not doing a wheelie?

    if the awnser is yes, thre is no difference Just shift~!

    if the awnser is no, WHAT the hell are u doing!

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    I own an rc51, when i do stand up wheelies, i shift from 2nd into 3rd without the clutch for quicker shifts. However starting out in 1st gear like most 600's, you have to shift through neutral to get it into 2nd. That's a large gap in the tranny, and the clutch must be used otherwise you will chew up 2nd gear. You need to get the bike at 12 o'clock (or as close to the ballance point as possible) in order to shift gears with the clutch.

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