Dealing with shops while sport-touring, a list and review of some outside BC.
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Thread: Dealing with shops while sport-touring, a list and review of some outside BC.

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    Post Dealing with shops while sport-touring, a list and review of some outside BC.

    On tour sometimes you are forced to find dealerships on route that you may not know anything about.
    Feel free to share your experiences here:

    Recently I've had one of my best experiences at a shop.
    In Las Vegas, NV.
    Carter Powersports ( )
    I rolled into town without an appointment, looked for a shop that was close to my hotel in case I needed to leave my bike there for a while. Bought a rear tire that I needed, price was %25 off, they had free mount and balance that they did right away without an appointment, and they washed my bike. Impressed with Carter Powersports very much, left there feeling like I was on a winning streak- which continued that day on the roulette wheel and in the poker room.

    Others while touring outside of BC:

    In Winnipeg, MB.
    Wildwood Motorsports ( )
    I called ahead and they were pretty short on the phone. Once I got there though they seemed friendly, it is "Friendly Manitoba" the technician was nice. Maybe the guy working the phones was from out of province. Price was average, no deals or discounts, they were busy so it took a bit longer than expected. Got out of there and on the road with satisfaction and nothing more or less.

    In Halifax, NS.
    Freedom Cycle ( )
    They screwed up on quoting me a new chain, and then sold me another one that was more expensive. But were able to fit me in without too much waiting around. Large selection of stuff in the shop, it wasn't busy except for another customer who followed me around hyper-talking about synthetic oil. Nothing too special but got the job done in the end.

    In St. John's, NL.
    Fun N' Fast ( )
    They were dropping the Kawasaki brand from their shop just as I was in need of some diagnosis. They sent me to two other shops in town that couldn't help so I went back and they agreed to have a technician come diagnose my problem. Turned out a fried stator wasn't charging my battery. Was told ten days to get the part from California, and the service shop was booked three weeks. Nothing other than that was an option, so on their slow Newfie schedule I was quoted a price. Finally after a month my bike was ready, the final amount was %25 more than the quote but I was just glad to have the bike back. Poor experience for slow and expensive but happy that they were able to diagnose the problem right away and eventually fix it without any further issues.

    In Denver, CO.
    G-Force Powersports ( )
    Shop was too busy to service, said they couldn't squeeze in a tire change over a two and a half day time period. But they did call another shop for me = Let It Ride & Peak Performance.
    Let It Ride ( )
    & Peak Performance Powersports. ( ).
    Let It Ride is the parts shop that sells you what you need, and Peak Performance is the service shop next door that services your bike. Both are a lot smaller than the G-Force Powersports shop down the road, and the feeling at the two smaller shops was more personal than at the big shop that was too busy for me. Good feeling from the two little shops as I rode off in a timely fashion.

    In Carson City, NV.
    Michael's Cycle Works.( )
    Been here a few times, mainly because it's the only place around when I need something. More expensive but they always seem to help me out with whatever I need. Not too much waiting around, friendly but to the point. More business than pleasure to go here.

    In San Jose, CA.
    GP Sports( )
    A bit unorganized, seemed like they didn't want to be there. Prices were average, service was OK not overly friendly. GP Sports felt like they were just doing their job so they could get out and ride.

    In Seaside/Monterey, CA.
    Monterey Peninsula Power Sports ( )
    Been here a few times, tires, clutch, friend's bikes, etc. they are willing to help and have always found a solution that has worked for myself and other people that I've been touring with. Prices are good, service is average, sometimes can find deals, but generally an all-round solid OK shop.

    In Coos Bay, OR.
    Coos ATV and Cycle Center. ( )
    Rude attitude, sloppy service, expensive parts.
    Felt like I got hooped.

    Which is probably why they are now closed...

    This wasn't me directly but with a friend I was riding with:
    In Elko, NV.
    5th Gear ( )
    Stopped in a gas station, wish I could remember which one. The guy at the gas station called this shop and they were almost closed but stayed there for my friend to come down and buy a new chain and get it put on his KLR. Solid move 5th Gear Elko.

    Might remember others down the road...
    Now... bring me that horizon.

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    Go AZ in Scottsdale Arizona. Huge multi-brand and multi-building shop. We got great service there ON A SUNDAY. If you're in the area they're worth checking out just for their range of products and brands (they even have an on-site test track)

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