Mystery noise when I brake
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Thread: Mystery noise when I brake

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    Mystery noise when I brake

    2002 ZX6R. everytime I brake, even after rolling the bike, i hear something makes a noise. sounds like something small and solid is loose and is hitting something else.( Imagine holding a nut in a metal Fisherman's Friend container and let it slide from one end to the other, the sound it makes on impact is the sound i hear.) It doesn't rattle or anything, but I can actually slightly feel the impact through the handle bars. I've had it checked and no bearings are loose in the steering column and i think it's coming from my front brakes, but only after i break so that doesn't make sene. Any ideas?
    It's definately from the front end of the bike. The fact that i can only hear it after a split second pause after braking leads me to believe that it is something loose that slides forward. Noise has been occuring since before the Ultimate Ride last April so it doesn't affect performance or safety cause i've been to the track with it too. No one at BK seems to know what it could be either.

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    When you brake the bike will pitch forward and compress your fork springs. When you release the brake you will get some rebound action. Perhaps it's something in your forks?

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    Or maybe something is making an impact when the forks compress ... like a brake line on some bodywork or something (just a guess). Do you run a steering damper in the front? If so, maybe that is moving around and making a noise.

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    Could be a zillion things. Someone might guess right but you gotta get under there and check every damn bolt and nut for tightness.

    Just cuz the SH bearings aren't loose doesn't mean they can't make noise/be damaged. If one is brinnelled (flat spotted) it could be properly tight and still clunk. Get the front up and move the bars gently from stop to stop and see if there is any "detenting" in the middle.

    Check your rotor mounting bolts and that the rotor's still actually floating. Undo and retorque the caliper bolts and check the slider pins and grease them lightly.

    There's lots more but that's good for a start.


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    hey mine does that too, but only in the rear brakes, hasnt caused me a problem yet though so im gonna wait out a bit before i fork out the $$$ to get it fixed.

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    Check to see if your brake pads rattle up and down when you push on them. If they do, take your calipers off and bend the anti rattle clips so there is more pressure on the pads. I bet this makes the noise go away. I've seen it on lots of bikes and literally hundreds of cars.
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