New Sidi Boots savings from Europe - want my old ones- Free ?
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Thread: New Sidi Boots savings from Europe - want my old ones- Free ?

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    Cool New Sidi Boots savings from Europe - want my old ones- Free ?

    After my ride to Labrador I need to buy new boots. They would leak after heavy day long rain

    Canadian Sticker and US sticker shock was outrageous for new boots

    My original Sidi DS boots bought in 2007 used on ADV Rider (size 47) Since then they have been everywhere and were recently resoled by the Sidi repair guy in California.

    I wanted a pair of the newer version on my old boots and decided on the Sidi Adventure Gore Tex

    550 US at Revzilla, special order in Canada and sidi had just had a price increase so the cdn dollar price was with tax about $1,000 cdn.

    Note Sidi also makes a Dual Sport rain boot but ironically it is not really waterproof.

    The boots I wanted were $325 US on ebay shipped (free shipping) from the Netherlands. Friends in the US had ordered from this firm so I went ahead and ordered the boots

    They arrived in Blaine in 4 days , no US tax or duty and with the conversion they cost 426 cdn plus pst and gst at the border.

    My old boots will not stand up to a day of solid rain but are too good to throw out and would last someone quite a few years.

    They are size 47 (Men's 12.5) and they are free to anyone who wants them.

    Send me a PM with your cell # and we can arrange a pick-up in North Van at the Edgemont Starbucks
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    I don't want your old boots but I've had a set of those Adventures for maybe 4 years now since I has a blowout on trip and had to Frankenstein stitch the zipper shut with cable wraps to get home.

    Awesome boots, had them in a 3 hour dump coming down the West side of Hwy 20. Got to the hotel drowned rat wet except my feet. Had the heat and the air on in the room all night and the gear was still kind of clammy in the AM except for the boots.

    They're totally worth it.
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