Best Lightweight/Entry-Level Motorcycle Of 2016
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Thread: Best Lightweight/Entry-Level Motorcycle Of 2016

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    Best Lightweight/Entry-Level Motorcycle Of 2016

    From EiC Dukeís initial ride of the littlest Duke in Thailand, we knew this small KTM was going to be special and it is. From the pointed profile of its front Pirelli to the tail-end bark from its 40-horsepower 373cc Single, this one does nothing to let down the family name, and on top of that, itís one dollar less than 5,000. And thatís including ABS.

    At 326 pounds all gassed up, itís one of the lightest sportbikes weíve ever flogged and as such itís ridiculously quick in the twisties. Itís plenty powerful enough to break the Ton. And on top of that, its engine counterbalancer and standard ergos make it a bike you could ride every day to wherever you need to go (provided you donít mind arriving pre-caffeinated due to its slightly jarring ride and hyperactive persona). Dashing down yon freeway at 80 mph-plus is no problem at all, and itís even fun when ridden on a racetrack. There are a few minor cost-cutting miscues like the cheap hand levers and hand grips, but then you remember the price tag and go for a ride and all is forgiven.
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