Bike Stolen.. Probably For Parts?
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Thread: Bike Stolen.. Probably For Parts?

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    Bike Stolen.. Probably For Parts?

    So.. My black 2010 Ninja 2015 just got stolen from my driveway.. Never had anything stolen me before and holy shit, it's a fucking violation. The feeling is so shitty.

    Anyways, I haven't ridden it in a while so I'm sure they lifted it away since it's light and it probably wouldn't turn on.

    There are no plates for it so I doubt it's for joyriding. For a 2010 Ninja 250r, is it safe to assume they'll just strip it for parts?

    I've obviously reported it already. What's the likelihood of it being found? I don't hear much about what happens to motorcycles after they've been stolen.

    Fairings have minor crack, one frame slider is on the other is off. What happens to most motorcycles here in Lower Mainland?

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    Bye bye, bike. It's probably already on a container ship to Thailand. Hope you at least had storage insurance on it.

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    Do your research on the value of your bike so that you recoup as much $$$ as possible

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