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    2005 Honda RS125R

    I am selling my 2005 Honda RS125R.


    - The engine is freshly rebuilt with less than 20km on it. New crankcases, new cylinder, new crankshaft and a fresh piston in it.
    - Setup with a VHM head with a 11.8cc insert for running unleaded fuel.
    - Equipped electronics consist of a HRC datalogger with HRC detonation counter, detonation and shift lights plus a front wheel speed sensor.
    - Current transmission gear setup:
    1st: M1-P3 / C1-P3
    2nd: M2-P4 / C2-P4
    3rd: M3-P1 / C3-P1
    4th: M4-P1 / C4-P1
    5th: M5-P1 / C5-P1
    6th: M6-P1 / C6-P1

    - The chassis is equipped with a Honda NSF250R swingarm.
    - Front brake system has been replaced with a new Brembo GP4-RR 32/36 monoblock caliper with titanium pistons and Brembo 16x16 billet radial brake master cylinder.

    Typical basic spare parts included, such as jets, gaskets, clutch cable, reeds, engine shims, gaskets, seals, levers, variety of front and rear sprockets etc.
    Other spares also included are a April System powerjet controller, front and rear stands, front wheel with disc, front and rear dunlop rain tires, spare used cylinder, new front fender, extra airbox, HRC cylinder head (10.5cc for leaded fuel).
    Extra transmission gears: C1/P2, M2, C1, C2, C3/P4, C4/P2 and main shaft.


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