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    killer drivers

    with all the recent deaths (rip) and posts about near misses i have been riding extra careful lately. but i just got my own close call. i was riding with a passenger down a road that leads to a beach, which has lots of long curves with bushes on both sides and a speed limit of 25km. granted i was doing between 30-40km's but as i went around a sharper curve, there is this huge white pickup in reverse coming straight at me going over the centre line. i had no where to go so i veered off the road, through a bush and ended up in a farmers field. never dropped the bike but if there was tree's or worse behind those bushes i woulda been toast and more importantly so would my passenger. it's getting pretty dangerous for all of us out there. be careful boys and girls.

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    It never seems to fail. When the weather gets really nice, the motor vehicle collisions seems to go up. Too many distractions and people always in a rush. Of course, motorcycles are an afterthought for cagers often times so be careful out there.

    Glad you're okay.

    p.s. Stay out of the curb lane especially when traffic is heavy. If you do ride there, make sure you can stop in time for left turners who will turn when they see the first two lanes clear. Cagers never count on someone coming in the third/curb lane.

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    Glad you made it out okay.

    Pretty lucky too. Buy a lotto ticket.

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    Glad you're okay.

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    Shit happens.

    Glad to hear you're doin alright.

    I think there's just as many accidents with anything as there are with bikes.
    If we were on Revscene or the like, i'm sure we'd be talkin about accidents etc on there too.

    It's just the name of the game.

    Lately i've not heard talk about things like "gravel and tar snakes" etc, jsut vehicles.
    so i don't take this into any special effect to due with just sportbikes.
    It's dangerous for all out there.


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    thats happen to me lots, especially i live in the British Properties where there is lots of wide corners etc.. unfortunetly, lots of old grandma or grandpa can't really stay in their own lane when they turn... i guess it ain't their fault, many times they almost crashes into me if it wasn't for my quick reactions.

    by the way, i was talkin about driving, so it is much safer.

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