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    Moriwaki pipes

    Anyone know which shops here can get Moriwaki pipes?
    Was also wondering which brand of pipes makes high mounts for 954's. Can anyone help me out? Thanx.

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    i need a new bike.
    those suckas are $$$$

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    For all your 954 needs, it is worth checking out Dan Kyle Racing. He does carry Moriwaki, and I also suggest you join as it is the BEST site for the Honda Fireblade. Plus there are always group buys going on (last exhaust GP had Hindle full systems starting at just over $700 CDN--high mount, aluminum cannister, shipping included! ) from Dan Kyle racing and other great bike places.

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    Dan Kyle's site is where I went to get some info on the Moriwaki's. Also check out they have some Moriwaki stuff. I doubt that they have a pipe for the the 954RR yet though, being that they are a lesser known smaller company. I'm pretty sure Jardine has one for your model. Email Troy Mastell at he will let you know if they do. He is in charge of marketing for the company I believe. Two Brothers makes a nice pipe for the 954RR and I believe it is available in a high mount to. I only like loud pipes, so the ones listed are on the louder side. Don't forget Hindle. You can get one at virtually any local dealer for dirt cheap compared to most other pipes.
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