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Thread: cellular provider

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    cellular provider

    alright, i read a post about unlocking phones and i was curious to see which provider you use.
    while your at it, give a review of the phone you are using

    im using rogers gsm.
    got the siemens M46
    great phone! really surprised me how clear the reception is. have not had a dropped call in the 8months ive owned it. also dropped the sucker from 4~5 feet a few times onto concrete and it asks for more
    the menu system takes a bit of getting used to (was a nokia user for a long time, the best menus IMO, motorola is worst IMO) but you learn to live with it. only gripe is the battery is NiMH meaning not the latest and greatest and theres no Li-ion option. boo
    doesnt have all the fancy smancy stuff, but hey, its a phone, not a PDA.
    i give it

    (my 1st poll posting, lets hope it works!)

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    I'm with Rogers as well. Used to be Telus. The only reason I switched was for the much better phone selection from Rogers.

    I find the Rogers coverage area is almost as good as Telus, especially considering you're always digital with Rogers. But the signal strength drops off quickly when you're indoors, and not just concrete buildings. I find if I'm in the back of a big restraunt or bar, far away from the windows in the front, I sometimes don't even get reception. But when outside, I get really strong reception, even at my house (really close to the US boder. Telus always used to drop here.)

    Down through the states I find I get much better coverage with Rogers then I did with Telus. Plus again you're always digital. I actually find the clarity of my cel phone to be better then my land line at the moment (also in part due to the handset.)

    My cel is the Nokia 6310i. I love this phone. Great reception/clarity. Battery lasts forever. It's rated at 16 days standby time, and although I use it quite frequently it still easily lasts a week before recharging (I've never actually had it die.) It has all the regular features plus a few rare ones like it can run Java applications, and best of all has Bluetooth. I use it for wireless Internet access for my Palm/Laptop anywhere I have reception. GPRS gets about 56k modem speeds.

    The Canadian coverage area and signal penetration strength for Telus is unbeatable (I've had reception 3 levels underground in a concrete parking structure with Telus before) but their phone selection is horrible so it's all about Rogers for now.

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    i used to be with clearnet then telus took over and i miss their coverage. i used to be able to call my friends while i'm on the 7th heaven chair at blackcomb and tell them how good the snowboarding was. it's unfortunate that the handset wont work if you travel to asia or europe.

    i'm with fido now and city coverage is good but that's it, no signal anywhere else. i really liked their phones and if unlocked i could take it anywhere with me and i could slap on a local sim card and i'd be in business. but ever since fido changed their policy of charging 200-250 for unlocking, i've been thinking of starting an unlocking biz.

    shame on you fido!!

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    I started with Clearnet in '98 and stayed with them when Telus bought them. I have nothing really good or bad to say, except that I have kept my plan from the Clearnet days, which is a lot better than the plans Telus sells now.

    I have an LG-TM520. I like it because it's nice and small, and because it has an earphone jack.

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    Telus for that last 4 yrs...best best and absolutely BEST reception...even when i am at home while everyone else's phone seemed to lose all the signals!!!

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    I'm with Rogers. I hae a Nokia 8260. It's old, but small and the reception is still ok. No complaints really, but I have to admit, Telus does have the best reception.

    A hint for Rogers customers: If you call in to customer service and let them know that you've been a long time customer (min 2 yrs I think) they will give you an extra 10 mins of airtime free of charge.

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    I have two cell phones and a pager.

    CELL 2 - FIDO
    Pager - TELUS

    I had a Telus cell phone for many many many many years. My first cell phone was in grade 7/8. Then I just got a pager and cut the cell until grade 10.
    Fido reception sucks.
    Roger's reception sucks. (sorry!!!)
    Bell and Telus coverage and reception is the best!
    I just have a little peeve wif TELUS.
    Thus I work for Bell now.
    I have to admit tho... Fido and Roger's rate plans are pretty darn attractive.

    Current phones:
    Kyocera 2255
    Motorola A388

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    Fido. I noticed I get no signal at Squamish Starbucks.

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    I'm with Telus - always been. I have the ooooold-skoo Sony CM-Z200 and the reception is kick-ass. Battery and features are ho-hum but when it first came out the design was revolutionary. There's still no phone on the market that has a similar design.
    I have 2. One in silver, one in black and 4 batteries between the two phones =D

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    '98 ZX6R no more, sold to pay for the plane

    Audiovox 8100
    Trimode, great reception.
    never lose a call
    20% Temper
    80% Mental

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    I used to be with Rogers. I found that the reception was mediocre and the customer service sucked!
    My purse was stolen on Christmas Eve, phone and all. I tried to report it to Rogers, could not get through to anyone so I figured they were closed for the holidays. I tried endlessly until finally I reached someone on Boxing Day. They said that because I hadn't reported it sooner, I would have to pay for all the airtime the thief used!
    Needless to say, I switched to Telus and I am quite happy now.
    Is it just me, or was that crappy? I mean, have a heart.....it's the bloody holidays and my purse was stolen! Where is your sympathy???
    Well-behaved women rarely make history.

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    I"m with Telus, but it's more like I have no choice. I used to be with Rogers, but their reception and customer service was and still is horrible!!

    I've been with Telus for about 5 years and just renewed with them a year ago...I'm staying with them mainly because now all the companies are returning to charging by the minute (wasn't the point of creating digital was to charge by the second??). Telus told me that if I kept my current plan and didn't change anything, they'll let me keep my by-the-second billing..how could I say no?

    I find Telus' reception is much better and their customer service is better than Rogers...The bad thing tho is that my bill still comes up to about $80/month...aiya~~~

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    I got a Telus. Looking at upgrading the phone and keeping the same plan. Anyone advise who they deal with either in Vancouver or Richmond that provides a good selection of phones and last but not least...good customer service?

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    It runs...
    On Rogers.

    ANALOG plan.
    Microtac Elite VIP.
    Remember that phone? Built in answering machine, baby!

    I get coverage out in the 'boonies' too.

    This post is simply the opinion of the poster and is not to be construed as instructions or advice. Your mileage may vary.
    I rode Deal's Gap / The Dragon in September 2007 and I visited Yellowstone in August 2010. Where have you been?

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    like some of the posts made I was with clearnet, the reception was awesome, i'd still be talking walking into the lift..... Now I'm with Fido, cause it was the only server then that had GSM..... This is my cell, dont know whether it came in canada but then again i never buy cells from canada..... here's what it looks like sony ericsson

    somehow i've noticed that the cells in canada are ol skool, seriously.... dont know why the asian markets are more upto date with the cell, maybe its a fashion statement.....
    #74 Katosan

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