For Sale: E-Code Audi TT HID projectors retrofitted into Hella Dual Round smoked projectors with all needed HID components.

This sale is only for the following items listed and not the actual headlights themselves. To make this work, you will need a set of Hella dual rounds already.

Items included:

- 2 E-Code Audi TT projectors in Hella dual round smoked projectors
- 2 Hella (Audi) D2S/D2R 2000h HID ballasts
- 2 OSRAM D2S 66040 HID bulbs 4K
- 2 Philips D2S 85122 HID bulbs 4K
- 2 complete wiring harnesses with relays

- Remove HDR from vehicle
- Remove low beam halogen projector housing from headlight
- Install HID projector housing into headlight
- Connect wiring harness red to battery +
- Connect wiring harness black to battery -
- Connect wiring harness yellow to headlight yellow
- Connect wiring harness brown to headlight brown
- Connect wiring harness to ballast
- Connect ballast HV plug to HID bulb
- Install HDR into vehicle
- Power on and aim

That is it. Install took me 1 hour.

Price: I would like to get $700 CAD ($500 USD), but this will depend on interest. Pricing is OBO.

Please see the following links for more information and pictures.
- email me at with any questions/offers