Yammie R6 top-end/valve noise
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Thread: Yammie R6 top-end/valve noise

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    Yammie R6 top-end/valve noise

    Does anyone else experience ticking noise from the valves or lifters on the R6? The noise is not loud, (you have to listen for it) but annoying, and is most pronounced @ 4000rpm under light load and deceleration.

    The bike is almost new, 3000km on it, and a full Akrapovic exaust. Should I get this looked at? No I need a valve adustment? Could this be the EXUP valve noise, or a small leak in the exaust, or is this the normal sound of an R6?

    Any advise would be greatly apreciated, I am hoping I am just being overly sensitive with my new bike....


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    i've got exactly the same ticking noise and have ni idea what it is...i asked at a shop and they just said not to worry about it, but i'd rather get another opinion

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    It's probably EXUP. I have the same sound and my bike performs awesome. My friends R6 makes the same noise. With my new pipe being louder, I barelly notice it anymore.

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    I've read that a lot of people have this ticking noise and it's normal. I think it eventually goes away cause I don't really notice anymore.

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    I wish.
    I'm told R6's don't have an EXUP valve?
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    If I recall Yami has a very long period before the first valve check. If your's is making a ticking sound that would indicate an open shim or 2. If it gets any worse you may want to elect to get the valve adjustment done early for the sake of the bike.

    I think Adam mentioned that the first check and adjust is at 12000Km. To my mind that is WAY too long. All engines have a "bedding" in during the break in just due to metalurgy if nothing else. Add in the shifting due to the little mechanical wearing in that happens during break in and the very small allowance for valve clearances and you have a recipe for possible warranty claims if not outright disaster.

    Kawi still requires a valve inspection and adjust if needed at the 5000Km mark. To my mind this is much more responsible. There may be nothing to do other than check it but at least then you KNOW its OK.

    I know many fine R6's will argue against my fear mongering and maybe I'm a little too anal about my machines but I'd rather know that all is well between my legs when riding...... STOP THAT LAUGHING......... perverts.........
    A backyard mechanic without a service manual is just like a hooker without a lamp pole.... they are both in the dark.

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    I used to have an R6, (when it was new), and have lots of friends with them. Don't worry about the ticking, it's completely normal. I've even read letters to magazines asking about the ticking and they reassured the reader that it's normal. Of course "normal" means something within reason. If it's really loud you might want to have it looked into. On mine, it was fairly quiet and most noticeable when it was idling at a standstill.

    btw, R6s do not have an EXUP valve.

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    Check out this forum in the Mechanical section, there was a huge debate thread on this very issue.

    I know that on all five of the bikes I have owned - 1 honda, 1 yammie and 3 suzukis - they all made a little valve noise. My Suzukis were the worst of the bunch for noise.

    Hope it helps

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