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    Unhappy engine knocking

    Allright, I ran into a problem.
    The other day I was riding up to cypress, and just before I got there I heard my engine making a thumping noise. Its not only thimping it sometimes sounds like grinding. Any suggestions on what it is and how would i fix it.
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    well it could be alot of things. clicking or clacking is usually valves or valve train. knocking is usually rod bearing or piston skirt. however thumping or thimping could be clutch and possibly tranny related. hard to really say.
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    If you have engine knocks, would you surely know it? I don't know what it would sound like. I've been using 87 octane gas in my 02 ZX6R and haven't heard anythin' unusual, but I'm wonderin' if my engine does start knockin', whether I'll even know it...

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    I don't care what the noise is...be it clicking, clacking, thumping or what have you...no noise is good.

    Don't mess around waitin for us to help you out on this one if you're planning on continuing riding your bike.
    get it to a shop, or a friend who DOES know what he's doin and have it sorted out.

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