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Thread: Bike specific tips???

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    Question Bike specific tips???

    Well, once again I'm trying to drink from this well of knowledge that is the Tech forum. This time though it's pretty simple. I was wondering what some of the seasoned mechanics would use to push the pistons back on brake calipers. Had a bit of trouble this last time cuz this is the longest I've gone without a pad swap, the pistons were almost fully extended.
    Thanks in advance.
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    c-clamp..remove the caliper first.. prybar or a big screwdriver, leave the caliper on...try not to scratch anything..pad things with a piece of cardboard... have fun!

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    Use a c-clamp, but dont use a prybar or a big screwdriver or you will fuck something up. I use a small c-clamp, and a shim or a paint stirr stick or some piece of wood that you can get into the caliper, then use your c-clamp and put it against the piece of wood. The wood will displace the force evenly and push back the piston without buggering it up. I find that a piece of cardboard is not really enough use a wood shim. You can get em at home depot.

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    Well, I use a big screwdriver but I do it VERY gently. You're pushing off center and things will try to jam up cockeyed so you sorta gots to do it with a little bit of inwards pushing too in order to sort of "vector" the push so the piston eases in without jamming. Harder to explain than to do. And watch out for pinching the dust covers that shield the actual seals.

    I don't know about you guys but there's no way I could get in there with any of MY C clamps even with the pads removed. I suppose the best thing would be a wedge of hardwood. It would push them out and set up that "vector" of the push just right. Some maple or oak would work super well. A set with different starting thicknesses and tapers would work for pretty well any type and pad in or pad out situation.

    Hmm.... I'll have to make up a set for next time.
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    i use a big screw driver
    push the piston back a bit with pads out
    then put the pads back in to push it in, this way the force on the piston or pistons is spread evenly
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