too loud of a pipe
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Thread: too loud of a pipe

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    too loud of a pipe

    I have a gsxr 89 750 with a vanca and hines pipe.

    I like it but it is way too loud, I am having problems with the noise factor and need to get rid of it anyone interested????

    I am in for a trade quite possibly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    toooooooooo loud for my own good yeah can hear me four blocks away!!!!!!!

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    Assuming that this is an older pipe you might just need to repack it. The bike dealers have or can easily get the right grade of glass wool and you can get the right pop rivets from Home Despot. After that it's a 1 hour job.

    Drill out the rivets close to the header and the outer sleeve and end cap should slide right off. Wrap the new wool around the perforated core pipe and bind on lightly with safety wire and then slip on the sleeve re-rivet and you''re quietly off to the races. The wool should be packed down firmly but not totally squashed. Make it so the wrapped on part feels like sponge rubber or a little bit stiffer.

    I think you'll be both shocked with how little wool is left there and happy with the repacking results.
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