Where to buy Helmet Liners?
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Thread: Where to buy Helmet Liners?

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    None right now...

    Where to buy Helmet Liners?

    I'm looking for a place that sells helmet liners... Anyone know where?

    Silk, cotton, whatever. I'd just like to find a couple and wash them instead of my helmet...

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    Two ideas:

    1. Welding cap. You can probably pick one up at any welding supply shops, or a place like Acklands. I used these for a few months, because we have them at work. I originally started using them because my helmet liner made me look like I had a skin condition when I took it off after a ride.

    2. Buy a skullcap from www.headsweats.com I bought one of these and received it a few weeks ago (fast service, btw). A little pricey ($14US + $4 shipping) but it's made of Coolmax and works very well with your helmet venting to keep your head cool. Much better than the welding cap, and in a nice solid black colour it doesn't look as goofy.

    Skullcaps have another benefit: I don't get helmet-head nearly as badly.

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    Those little beanie hats that came in cases of CANADIAN last summer are awesome for that, if you know of a buddy that has a couple try those out.

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    If you go to any cruiser accessories shop they carry the bandana-type thingies. Those would work well.
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    try trev deeleys on boundry,sure they'll have tons.

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