Duffy loop on a long weekend?
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Thread: Duffy loop on a long weekend?

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    Duffy loop on a long weekend?

    Duffy, Lillooet, Hope - too busy on a long weekend? RV parking lot? Cops in full force? Waddaya think? Planning on a Sunday 5:00 am N Van departure

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    You should be fine, I have done that ride countless times now and cars once you get out to the lilloet area are slim to nil and road conditions should be on the up and up now, I really should get out and do that ride again soon as it is my favorite one and I have a 4 day weekend on the horizon
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    You will see the poopoo out in full force in the canyon on a long weekend but given that your leaving at 5AM and you don't stop for too long you could be at Hope before they setup for the day. I'd suggest just ripping it up to Lillooet and flipping a U-ball and head back to N. Van. I've done a loop from Lilloett to Cache Creek to Lytton back to Lillooet that hit's awesome roads and avoids the canyon traffic and cops. That way you get to ride the Duffy twice and bypass the ass-burning Hope/Van run.

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    ef zed one said it right. do a u eee in lillooet. not only is the canyon full o cops and other cars, it gets so fukin windy at times (all 4 times i've gone actually) it really takes the pleasure out of the trip.
    the cache creek idea sounds good to me. i'll be doing that my next trip up.
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