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    Riding Pants

    Hey guys,

    What do you suggest for riding pants, something protective and comfortable. I've tried on a pair of Joe Rocket (can't remember which), but they were very uncomfortable on the bike.


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    Thumbs up riding pants?

    I`m also looking for pants,something with lots of yellow.My old two piece zip together leather suit is red/black(it matched my `92 GSXR1100)................ken.

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    Both BK and Imperial Motorcycles had Joe Rocket Ballistic pants on for about $170 - $180 a few weeks ago (the list price is about $230, I believe). They still might sell them to you for that price. These are (supposedly) waterproof textile pants with padding in the hips and plastic armour (I believe) in the knees. I bought a pair to be my everyday motocycle gear (save my leathers for the dry days).

    Of course, these might be the type that dn_zx7r tried on and didn't like. And sorry auger, but as far as I could tell they are only available in black.

    I hope this helps.

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    I wear a pair of Draggin Jeans cargo pants, and they are super comfortable and offer some protection. Kevlar lined so they are a lot better than jeans, but not as good as the textile or leather. But they make up for it in convenience.

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    Originally posted by KatRider ...These are (supposedly) waterproof textile pants with padding in the hips and plastic armour (I believe) in the knees...
    i wore my leathers out on my "bitch pad" ride the other day. i found the plastic armour in the knees pretty sore after a few hours.

    anyone else have this problem? maybe it'll get better once i wear the leather in a bit.. ya think?

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