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    Stolen Plates

    Some dirty rat bastard touched my ride long enough to steal my plate. I'm not too sure what he's going to do with it, being easily identifiable as a motorcycle plate, but I really don't give a charbroiled rat's ass.

    Plate Number: E3 1762
    Insurance Expiry: Feb/04

    It was stolen in the neighborhood of 6th. Ave and 12th st. New West, sometime last night. (4:20pm August 1/03 now) If you happen to see this plate cruisin' around your neighborhood, drop me a PM and lemme know. I would appreciate any information that anybody can give me. In fact I might give a small cash reward for any info that pans out, say an easy hundred bucks?

    While I already have a new plate on my baby, I've taken this personally.

    Thank you

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    if i spot anything i will let you know......i drive from the coquitlam area through new west......i will even lay a boot if i have too free of charge.....

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    People steal plates for the stickers too!
    just be thankful he didn't take the bike that was attached to it.

    "you dioty rat, you stole my doity rat bastid"

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    Death to thieves

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    Did you call the cops and report it stolen? Chances are it's proly on a stolen bike.
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    Wrote it down and it's in my car as I look at bikes!
    When speeding run from the cops, it's a lesser infraction.

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    Not enough info......

    Yup, reported stolen, got a file number with new west cops, (very polite on the phone btw), got a new plate.
    (Bolt, solder and flux too, have to look pretty closely to see the welds, 6 bucks)

    Apparantly, there's now a serial number on the decals themselves as well, so you and I the ICBC rapee, have a little more security that some dick's not riding around on YOUR insurance. Way too small to bother posting, nobody will see that one.

    That's at least $18 worth of boots to pay me back for ICBC's new plate charge right?
    And that's a firm offer, $100 bucks for return of said plate.
    (I'm not squemish about blood either.)


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