I just got this ,and like it says ,it's not official ....yet?

Please be advised that Round #3 of the Parts Canada Superbike Championship, scheduled June 15-16 at Namao Airport in Edmonton, has been canceled.
Unofficially, it is related to the September 11th incident. Namao Airport is a staging area for the military with regards to the current affairs in Afghanistan. The vastly upscaled security and demands placed on holding the event in Edmonton has forced this venue to be canceled.

Unofficially, it has been rumored that the Edmonton Round may be replaced by a consecutive round at Calgary's Race City.
The dates for Calgary remain unaffected at this time as June 8-9 with the potential of a consecutive round June 15-16.

Unofficially, this now dramatically increases the pressure to secure a round in B.C. for next season.

All of the above information is being pursued in great depth at this time and will be reiterated in a Press Release due out shortly. I will forward the release when it becomes available along with any further information.