Thanx to Spero!
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    Thanx to Spero!

    Thanx Spero and Kim for stopping and helping out!

    On Wed. Jul.30 I rode up to squamish with a friend and my gf. My clutch started slipping a bit when we were near squamish. We stopped at starbucks for a bit and then headed back. On the way back just past Porteau Cove a bit, my clutch died on me. Couldn't get it to grip. Then Spero and Lena rode past us and turned around and tried to help out, but my clutch was totally dead so I had to get it towed.

    I had to wait for about an hour for the truck, so I rolled my bike down the hill into the Porteau Cove sign, where there was some light. A man by the name of Hugh and his son Dylan tried to help and checked out the bike too. They were so friendly! That made things better! The cost of the tow was $225. but Hugh helped me talk to the driver and got it down to $150! Thanx guys!

    Having my bike die on me made the day terrible! But what made it better were the people who were so friendly and helpful!
    Thanx guys!
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