Ride through Washington?
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Thread: Ride through Washington?

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    Ride through Washington?

    Has anyone done a ride down into Washington, and come back up into Osoyoos? How long is the ride? Anyone know if any fires will be in the way? What is the best route? Hope someone can help...

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    yeah ive done it. was about a thousand kilometers give or take. i took the I5 down to highway 20 than headed east over the cascades through winthrop and all that. beautiful ride. little chilly comin over the mountains but not bad. only cops i saw were in the cafes at gas stations. i did nine hundred kms of it in one day, the first day i detoured down to monroe to see a buddy. but the long leg of it was awesome. averaged around 150 kmh over the cascades. wasnt even tired when i got home. of course i got to stop at my grand parents place in Keremeos for a nap.

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    It's a lovely ride down through to Winthrop and then up 97 but DO NOT SPEED THROUGH CONCRETE. They spend all day pulling over speeders for about 5 miles on either side of the town.

    Fires and road closures come and go just now. You'll have to find the highways advisory sites to know the info from minute to minute. Even then things may change while you're on the road and you'll be turned back.
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    Winthrop Loop

    I have done it a few times. If you get to the Sumas border crossing at 6, then do highways 9 & 20 remebering the advise about concrete you can easily be in Winthrop for lunch.

    Cross back into canada at the Nighthawk crossing and back home highway 3. I can be home for dinner no problems. Nice ride but in this heat remember to hydrate well. Try a camelback bag in your tank bag with ice in it and sip though the tube as you ride it will fit up under a full face helmet. When you get good at this your fuel tank and bladder will run on opposite cycles ( one is full the other empty). Ice is free at the pop dispencers at most gas station mini mart places if you buy a water there.

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