8-9000 rpm stumble
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Thread: 8-9000 rpm stumble

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    8-9000 rpm stumble

    I''m having a problem with wide open throttle.Every time i crank the throttle as the bike passes 8-9000 rpm it sputters and seems like it wants to die.after it passes that rpm range it is fine.it is also fine if i back off the throttle.it's fine i i gradually give it gas.The bike does this stock and jetted.I have checked coil +wire resistances they check out fine so does the pick up coil.carbs were synced.checked all vacuum lines.could it be fuel pump or the pump relay?it acts up in every gear at the same rpm range,before that range it's fine and after that point it is also fine.

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    sounds like a bit of a jetting issue.

    is bike stock?any sort of mods?

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