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Army motorcycle team creates Guinness record

PTI [ MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2002 1:48:19 PM ]

HUBANESWAR: A feat by a team of 181 Armymen, who formed a human pyramid on eleven motorcycles and drove for 300 metres, has found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

A communication to this effect was received recently by Das from Sue Morrison, the keeper of records of Guinness World Records. The letter said the honour was bestowed on the Army team for the world's largest human pyramid.

The team, led by Snehalok Das of the Army Service Corps motorcycle display unit, performed the feat on eleven 350 cc motorcycles on December 7, 2000.

A copy of the letter was released to the press by Das' father here on Monday.

The motorcycle display team, nicknamed Tornadoes, is based at the Army Service Corps centre in Bangalore