Some quick head's up notes about this year's SportBike West rally.

#1-- is that Spruce Grove Cafe, HWY #6 to Needles Ferry, is CASH ONLY. They do not take and sort of plastic payments. If you are on a ride that is stopping for lunch there, put a $10.oo bill in your pocket.
#2 - with the state of fires in this area, all rides are a GO. SportBike West will still be as expected. However; routes are subjected to change at the discretion of the ride guides. You are welcome to go your own way, or stay with the group. All rides will go on the times listed. The only exception to that would be the Dakar Ride. IF the forestry service CLOSES ALL forestry roads, we may have to make a significant alterations to that.
I just LOVE last minute changes .........

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