2 jackets or 1?
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Thread: 2 jackets or 1?

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    2 jackets or 1?

    Just need a opinion on whether I should keep my old sportbike BELSTAFF jacket since I just got my leathers.

    I'm just wondering if I should sell my jacket since I need the extra money to pay off my Visa. I don't really want to part with the jacket since it's still so new and it has more pockets then the leathers. Comes in handy... but I find I probably won't wear it very often since I will wear my new Dainese jacket.

    Do you gals have more then one jacket to change around with?

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    I have two jackets and am very glad I do. I have my leathers but to just wear the jacket by itself results in half my back hanging out and it is NOT comfortable at all. I throw on my other jacket when it's a jeans ride. Don't sell your Belstaff...
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    That's really true. Just the leather jacket by itself is really too short.

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    we should hook up for a ride soon

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    My gf kept her old jacket after getting her Dainese 2 pc... The extra jacket can come in handy when you need it. Murphy's law, what can happen, will happen... most of the time, you won't find out you need it until AFTER you get rid of it~ She keeps using her old jacket for normal and hot day rides and only wears her new Dainese on the off times~
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    I know i'm not a girl, but..

    I kept my old jacket , when i got my 2pc.
    i'm sooo glad i did..

    it's so nice to have your jacket to throw on when you go downtown for a liesure trip, then to have to keep wearing out the zipper on your 2pc.

    and yes...same with me..my jacket had more pockets then my 2pc.

    it'sh not even dutch...isn't dat veeeirrrd?

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    Keep the jacket... more versatile... don't know about you, but I still wear my plain leather jacket often, like when I ride to work because it's so much simpler to throw that on and has more pockets for stuff...

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