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    parking for dummies

    Hey there, I am a new rider as of this summer. Took action and hold a real class 6. Confident at riding, but one thing that continues to stump me is what to do about parking.

    I was wondering if someone out there could compile a brief faq about the the do's and don'ts of parking.


    squeezing in between cars?
    making our own spots? (parking on the sidewalk)
    what about pay parking, where do we put the ticket?
    what if somebody swipes it?

    any comments, info, funny stories will be much appriciated


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    It runs...
    I posted this thread a while back...


    This post is simply the opinion of the poster and is not to be construed as instructions or advice. Your mileage may vary.
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    Pay parking - I put the ticket inside the windscreen. How do you stop someone from swiping it? So far (4 months) this hasn't happened to me <knocks on wood> but all I do is tear of the bottom "receipt" portion. So if someone does swipe it and the parking people ticket me for it, I can show that I paid and get it reversed.

    Side rant - I got a ticket for parking at a lot, but not in ANY of the cager spots. I was in one of those painted out areas where cars can't fit anyhow, at the very back end of the lot. I figured that since I'm not in a spot I shouldn't NEED to pay. But, got a $40 ticket for it . Guess so much for being Mr Nice Motorcyclist and not taking up a spot when a cager could use it Pissed me off, called the company and they said they don't care where I park, if it is in their lot and there's no parking stub, they ticket it. So now I'm an a-hole and take up the closest spot I can find to the door And if anyone works for Impark, you better get some f-ing pucks or blocks of wood cuz my kickstand is busting huge chunks of concrete outta your spots I figure by the end of the riding season they'll have to redo the whole lot ...or put down tar strips

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    For Pay Parking can also write your licence plate on the ticket... but the receipt is a good method too.

    If there's an attendant, talk to him/her and ask if you can park in a non-spot area. If so, there's usually a discount on the parking.

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    Some of the easypark lots provide parking for motorbikes a quite a cheaper rate compared to cars. I think I saw it at the lot on Georgia for .25 per hour.
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