Friday August 15/Golden (Tentative)
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Thread: Friday August 15/Golden (Tentative)

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    Friday August 15/Golden *Ride Canceled/Bike Stolen*

    When: Friday August Fifteenth
    Where to: Golden
    Why: Old man's retireing/first anniversary of motorcycling for me
    Meeting point: Chevron Columbia and Braid New West
    Pace: Relatively quick pace/long distance

    Nobody without stamina and touring exp. please, have a dinner reservation and don't have time to stop and haul somebody out of the rhubarb. Rest stops will be fairly frequent, I'm on an SV for the ride.
    I'm going the whole way in one day so it'll be an early start for me. Taking Hwy#1 all the way, don't want any highballers, if my nose lifts it will be by accident. If any more experienced riders might be interested, for just the Fraser canyon, or whatever portion interests you, drop me a line.
    I've got 4000km of touring so far this year in some VERY poor conditions (Calgary/May long weekend/bad idea) and would be appreciative of any tips for long rides here or anything you would like to share with yours truly out there.
    PM me if you want, I'll give you my home number if tu est tres interessant.
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