Leathers one piece or two
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Thread: Leathers one piece or two

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    Leathers one piece or two

    I'm looking to purchase some leathers in the future and I was just wondering what I should get. A one piece suit or two pieces. And does anyone know a store that carries leathers for woman in stock??Or where to get a good price on used.

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    it really depends how you are going to ride ?, if you ride to wk/shopping etc . i will suggest a 2 piece ,cause you can at least wear the jacket where ever you go.Most ppl on this board prefer 1 piece suit .Burnaby kawi and RMS had some ladies size but usually they are gone right away , most lady ryder on this board had put deposit down to ensure they will have it on the next shipment.try this link http://www.bcsportbikes.com/forum/li...link&linkid=89

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    I prefer a 2 piece because it is a lot more convenient to wear. If you happen to stop by a restaurant to eat after a long ride, you probably don't want to have to have a heavy top half hanging down the back; makes for an uncomfortable seat.

    You can always choose to mix and match jeans with jacket or full 2 piece suit.

    my 2cents.

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    I agree with Elaine. Go with the two piece. A 1 piece looks like a monkey suit and I can't imagine it would be comfortable. I would feel like a caterpillar in a cocoon.
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    I have a two piece and love it... plus I can wear the jacket and jeans instead if it's really hot.... I got mine at BK but RMS has some stuff as well...
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    If you're not a hard core racer...TWO PEICE ALL THE WAY (for reasons mentioned above)

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    Ditto to all the above. My gf got her Dainese size Euro 40 2 pc at RMS but we had to order it ahead of time because all the women's stuff gets sold out faster than a Busa on a straightaway~

    BK has some nice stuff~
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    If you are too small to fit into a mens one-piece, it is hard to find a womens one-piece, there are very few companies that actually make them. Only choice would be the very top end brands and you can look at spending about 2k.

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    Thanks for your help I am going to go with the 2 piece, I have been talking with BK and they are recieving a shipment of a bunch of womans leathers in this week so I will go and take a look.

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    RST have leather for woman in US size 8 through 16 and they have 1 and 2 piece. They are amazing quality infact most suits this quality are twice the price. Check out the Dyno Race suit at www.topendz.com

    2 piece suits for $1000.00 Canadian!

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