Tire sizes...does 10mm matter???
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Thread: Tire sizes...does 10mm matter???

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    Question Tire sizes...does 10mm matter???

    Hey girls and boys,
    I just got my hands on a brand spanking new set of BT010's, I am riding a 01 gixx 750 as you know they come stock with D208's at the size of 120's on the front and 180's on the rear.

    Will it make a big difference if I put a 190 on instead of a 180???

    I live for the twisstie, the profile would be nice but don't care...more for the handling.

    Any pearls of wisdom????


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    Yes... it will slow down your cornering, making your enjoyment of the twisties less enjoyable...

    you will be making the tire wider and flatter.

    They run 180's on the track. That should tell you enough.

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    Yes please! Oh! That wasn't a question?
    I don't think you can put 190's on your rims...Not without changing the profile of the tire, which can lead to some serious handling issues. Not only is the outter part of the tire wider on a 190 but the inner part is ment for a wider rim.

    If you want bigger tires on the back you'll have to change rims...
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    Yeah Josh, don't go bigger, you will take away from the handling. I am thinking about dropping a size on mine as well.

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    Look up the fitment guide at the Dunlop web site. They have the permissible range of rim widths for each tire and the preferred ones are underlined.

    On my 9R I went DOWN to 180 and it feels great. If you like your handling don't go wider than stock.
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    Yeah thats what I thought aswell....

    I don't want to do anything to compromise the cornering ability.

    I have said it before and I 'll say it again....you guys rock

    Thanks for the advice,

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    I will be putting a 190 on my bike for my next track day. It has 190 stock and 180 on the track is not enough. It handles just fine. I need the traction out of the turns. Well WANT.

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    If you run 190, you need to have a at least 5.75 or 6 inch rim to properly use the tire. (ie correct profile and use it all the way to the edge) If you run a 190 on a 5.5 rim, you will never be able to use the last 0.5cm anyways. Stock 190 on a Ducati 916/996 is ALL FOR MARKETING purpose. They just want the bike to look more powerful w/ a fatter tire. If you look at the newer generation gixxer 750 i believe they actually went back to 180 from 190 a couple of years ago.

    If you really want to run a 190 on a 5.5 rim, you need to get the new Rennsport (that the only one i know of) that has a different profile(55 instead of 50 i think...). I can find out more if you really want to but i believe it ONLY come in slicks.

    PS 99% of the racers in Seattle and Portland run 180 rear on their gixxer 750. Why would you want a 190 if it doesn't enchance the performance and it is slightly more expensive?
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    Re: Tire sizes...does 10mm matter???

    Originally posted by 01r6

    I live for the twisstie, the profile would be nice but don't care...more for the handling.

    Profile = handling !!

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    I see what your saying Tchan,

    If the racers run 180's I will too!

    Oh by the way does anyone want to trade a BRAND NEW BT010 190 rear for a 180???


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