Crash inspection???
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Thread: Crash inspection???

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    Question Crash inspection???

    I had a minor crash into gravel ( 60 km/hr) this weekend and was wondering some of the immediate problems I should be looking for on the bike. I rode it home and it seemed fine but aside from cleaning gavel out of the airbox what else should I be looking for?

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    Since you rode it home ok, I would assume that it just slid and didn't hit anything. Everything should be all right then. Check all the fluid levels and look for leaks. The rest should be cosmetic only. Pull off the side panels if there's junk in there and have a good look at the cases on the down side and get the crap out of there. Other than that, check along the frame, swingarm and wheels for marks that would suggest a possible hit and if everything checks out, focus on making it pretty again. Sometimes the clipon can be damaged from going down so check the bolt on the bottom that grabs the top triple clamp. Check all of the outside bits that may have contacted the road and see what's damaged or bent.

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