fuel leak on 91 FZR600
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Thread: fuel leak on 91 FZR600

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    fuel leak on 91 FZR600

    Hi all,

    Question as per subject line. My 91 FZR600 has sprung a signifcant fuel leak I did a search on this already and found out the petcock is usually the culprit but when I run the bike (just a little) to see where the gas is leaking from it "doesn't" really look like it's coming from there. It almost looks like it is coming from one of the bolts in the top middle of the engine (I know, horrible description, sorry). It only leaks when I run the bike as I left it overnight to see if there was a puddle in the morning and nothing. The puddle was about 15cm diameter after 3 mins of running at idle so it's kinda concerning me now I noticed this only in the last 2 days. Maybe the Richmond "newbie" ride killed it

    Any suggestions of other "problem" places to look at or more definitive ways to find out what's the problem? The bike still runs just fine, other than leaving puddles at stop lights I do plan to take it to a shop where a professional (read someone who has a garage, tools, and knows WTF they're doing, ) can find out where the leak is and fix it properly, but if all I need to do is tighten a bolt or 2 then thats an easier (and cheaper) solution.


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    Tanks, especially on older bikes, tend to rust through, particularly at seams and particularly if they are stored over winter empty. If it's bad, another tank might be needed but, if it's minor, a little brazing or sealant might solve it.

    PM me. We'll get it back safe cheap. Don't fuggaround with a fuel leak.


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