George and Jay's Excellent Adventures
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    George and Jay's Excellent Adventures

    George and I were all excited to ride the Stratotech track in Edmonton for the Trackdays Aug. 3rd and 4th. It all started out well. Early at 5:30am Gearge picked me up in Nanaimo and we loaded my '01 RC51 on his trailer along side his '02 ZX9R. We took the 1st ferry into Horseshoe Bay where we arrived at 8:30 am. We drove through Vancouver and had just past Hope when all hell boke loose! George yell's: "shit! My bike's ready to fall over!" We slowly pull to the side of the highway, I jump out 1st to inspect the tie downs. The 1st thing I notice was water all down the tank and upper fairings. I looked at where the tie down was secured to the handle bar and my jaw just dropped to the ground when I saw that the clip-on had snapped (at the clamp around the fork tube, below the tripple tree). The water was actually brake fluid from the hose being torn away from the resevoir. Instantly I thought our trip was over! I told George what happened, and he damn near threw up! We began to phone every shop in B.C and Alberta, and of course not one shop had an OEM clip-on or even a stock clip on! George phoned Burnaby Kawasaki where he had purchased his 9R, and his previous 9R and the staff did not even care about the delima, and did not even go out of their way to try and help us out! George pretty much wrote the weekend off as he was now a spectator. After 14 hours of driving including a major detour from the kamloops fires we arrive in Edmonton. At the track everyone finds out about the poor Kawasaki and it's defective clip-on. The nicest fellow we've ever met:Robert, volunteered to share his '01 6R race bike with George. He insisted that George rides, and Georges weekend was saved. Robert and George share the bike and have an awesome time sliding the bike around the track. Well eventualy you can only push it so hard untill one goes down! George lost the rear end on turn 9 causing him to go down. An amateur photographer shot George's crash in sequene (I'm sure George will post it) it was cool! The title of one picture will be "look mom, no hands!" George was not too happy dumping Roberts bike! Luckily Robert had it track ready with sliders, and case covers, so no major dammage occurred. Unfortunately the bike was not running right, and after the carbs were inspected 4 times the bike finally was running right. Back on the track they go. In the mean time I'm having an absolute blast with the RC! Spinning the wheels out of turn 1, sliding the bike into turn 2 etc....Until......I go down. I spoke too soon to George and I had put a curse on me by saying I'm not going to crash this weekend. Well, I did nothing wrong in turn 2! Knee on the ground smoothly accelerating through the thing I know I'm on my ass watching my de-virginized RC doing 3 spins on it's left side while sliding behind it at 90kph. The bike and I come to a fast stop in the gravel trap (man does this stuff save you and your bike) I pick the bike up and inspect for dammage....bent clutch(thank you to me the clutch did not break because I always allow for the perch to move if crashed), sratched tank, upper/lower fairing and large rash on the pipe. The RC was minor compared to every other crash that day. I was not going to let a crash ruin my day. On that same lap in turn 1 another RC51 went down resulting in a broken wrist. There were 4 RC51's at the track, 3 crashed! Not a good weekend for RC's. This was by far the best mororcycle experience for both George and myself! We learned the limits of traction and our skills. Track days make a world of a difference for your everyday street skills. I have learned that dragging knees and all that...should be left for the track, because you never know when you're going down! I want to thank Scott Cameron prsident of British Columbia Sprortbike Riders Association and all of his help, I also want to sincerely thank Robert for his generosity in helping George, and lastly I want to thank George for being so patient and level headed in dealing with all the weekend's mishaps. p.s. I need parts for my RC51: stock tank, left fairing, left stock exausht can, upper fairing. Thank you for reading this!

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    It is funny that the only other bike I have seen broken clip ons was another ZX going to Edmonton for drag racing. They must build them cheap and light. The dealer told them they shouldn't hook a strap onto them as they are weak.

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    me = jelous. I wanted to go so bad, but damn I'm broke.

    Glad to hear you guys had a blast...
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    jays and georges excellent adventure

    Hey Guys, I am glad that you had fun. And the 6 is not badly hurt at all. A little fiberglass, paint, and a slider will make it like new again. Sorry to hear that the clutch fluid resevoir is leaking. Will post some pictures later from us in Fort Sask.

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