Crash tested?
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Thread: Crash tested?

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    Crash tested?

    I am kind of curious to see what sort of gear on the site has been crash tested. A kind of real world gear review of how well it held up and if it did what it was supposed to do. The good and the bad.

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    Guess Leather Jacket
    Bought at the Bay 9 years ago on sale... it didn't do so well.
    I've bought propper gear since.

    Joking aside, great idea for a thread. Real world experience beats the marketing speak BS any day.

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    Joe Rocket Speedway Jacket
    Teknic Violator pro carbon gloves
    HJC Fusion 2 Helmet
    Sketcher sport shoes/jeans

    60-70 km/hr lowside. The jacket is the top of the line JR leather sport-touring jacket. The armour on this jacket is very good and I was uninjured where the jacket covered. The only complaint is that the stitching didn't hold up in some places and even split on the back of the jacket. I took it into a leather shop and had it restitched cheaply. For my next leathers, I am going to buy high quality again but will look for a more basic design with less seams to help aviod the chance of the seams coming apart in a slide. The gloves held up very well and I still wear them the way they are, no rips or broken seams anywhere. Helmet did it's job but I will opt for a higher quality lid for my next purchase. The visor can flip up when shoulder checking at high speed. My only injuries were to my feet and ankles so I recommend decently armoured boots.

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    rain? whats that! Array REVELATIONS's Avatar
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    SV 1000s
    First Gear Touring Jacket (CE armour, Cordura etc.)
    Steel toed safety boots
    Carbon fiber gloves
    KBC TK-8 Helmet
    Thick Jeans

    Hit by left turning car on right side of bike. Flew over said car and landed on right side of body.
    Other than a bruise to the hip, no other upper torso damage was noted. Only slight scuffing on jacket.

    Suffered a broken small finger from hands slapping the ground finger tips first.

    Knee damaged and cut.

    The leather of my boots was ripped away exposing the gashed steel. Saved my toes for sure.

    Helmet impacted ground and but not signifigantly damaged.

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    Suzuki Bandit
    Aerostich Roadcrafter - Multiple getoffs. Awesome

    Alpinstar goretex touring boots - not bad, scuffed up,
    kept feet together

    Held Profi gloves- Again, awesome.

    Knox backprotector - did job, replaced.

    Jeans - shitty. Got as many burns inside from the jeans
    rubbing me where they didn't burn through as where they did.

    Watson's leather gloves from MWWearhouse. Crap. Wore
    through them in a couple sec's in a slide. Bruised hand real
    well when it slapped onto the road too.

    College leather jacked. Not bad, heavy bruising, didn't wear
    through, left a interesting set of burns filled with gravel
    where jacket stopped and jeans began.

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    Cycleport GP-1 one piece kevlar suit
    Styl Martin boots (basic model)
    Teknic glove (hard & soft carbon/kevlar armour)

    kind of a forward lowside at 80-100km/h (locked up front while going straight and went down sideways). did one or 2 tumbles then slip to a stop on left side & back, all on medium-rough pavement (Duffy Lk rd). Suit held up very well. Only the outer layer of lycra/condura wore off in a few places. The outer layer is not part of the protective material so that's just fine. The first layer of kevlar looks essentially undamaged, and the second layer is of course untouched. However, the first layer went thru on the inside of my right knee. no idea how that happened since no weught would be put on that point. tons of armour meant i was unbruised except for my hip where the armour is half thickness for comfort, and where the majority of the impact was. zero roadrash.

    gloves did ok. the extra padding & layer of leather on the base of the palm wore thru partially, but the kevlar under the outer layer of leather seems largely undamaged. dont think they saw too much heavy contact with the ground tho (just the first couple seconds).

    boots did their job but didnt hold up that great. seemed to wear worse than the the rest of my gear. still, they did protect my feet & i continue to use them to this day.

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    Tourmaster 1piece cortech suit, been in 2 crashes, roughly 50km/h each time, only a slight tear after the 2nd crash on the left side at the bottom of the pant leg. over all, awesome suit.

    Teknic gloves, (forgot which model, has the carbon knuckles), first crashed held up ok, slight tear on the palm pad thingy, but still no skin showing. 2nd crash, the seams on some fingers, fell apart, and i had holes in my fingers for awhile, until i got them re-stitched.
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    600RR Yeeeellllooow
    Originally posted by CG
    i had holes in my fingers for awhile, until i got them re-stitched.
    Didn't you get them stitched right away at the hospital? j/k

    Dainese Rossi Replica Jacket with full armor. Dainese Rossi Replica Carbon knuckled gauntlet gloves, Sidi Vert 2 Boots and Diesel Jeans (couldn't find leather pants yet). 60-70 fly off curb when the rider in front of me went wide and I had to go wide to avoid crashing into him. Jumped the curb and flew like Superman (kinda like a highside) for about 20 ft... slid across the street into someone's yard and through some brush...

    The Jacket did real well except I lost some colour on my Neon dyed leather parts considering I slid and rolled and flew threw someones yard and across the street.

    The gloves had a few scratches on the carbon and only 2-3 stitches got burned off....

    Sidi's protected my ankles from scratching on the pavement and gravel... and other than normal wear and tear, look only like I dragged my toes in my turns~~

    My Diesel Jeans were the best of the four. A small hole just outside of my pocket area. I had a key in my pocket... Body was fine except for a little toonie sized scratch on my leg by my knee.
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    Spyke Vortex 1 piece leathers
    Sidi Vertebra 2 boots

    Low-speed lowside early this season.

    Hard plastic shoulder armor in suit saved me much pain. Only damage to suit was scuffing and ripped stitching on shoulder and hip. Because the stitching was mainly cosmetic it only cost 50 bucks to repair.

    Hard plastic toe slider and ankle armor in boots saved my foot when it got stuck under the sliding bike.

    No injuries to report
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    Joe Rocket Highside 1pce. augered in at about 100 kms an hour on Mt. Seymore. Bike's toast, the suit has a few scuffs on close inspection but that's it. I still wear it.
    Teknic Enforcer Summer gloves, Keprotec back and molded knuckles, leather palms. Same crash. the palms lasted long enough to protect me. Lucky. Great for ventilation, but I'll stick to track gloves with the venting on the fingers.
    Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket and pants. Touched down at 60 KPH to avoid blind Honda Civic. The Cover for the elbow pad came adrift slightly but stayed in place. The knees had abrasions but still looked okay. These have been replace with Hein Gericke Toureg pants and jacket. It has leather on the impact areas with seem to survive more than the 'one crash only' cordura.
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    02 BMW F650cs
    Joe Rocket Ballistic pants and jacket
    Frank Thomas Aquaforce boots
    Joe Rocket gloves (reinforced leather)
    HJC helmet

    Slid off corner (prob around 60 kmh) not with bike.
    Gloves and boots are absolutely fine.
    Helmet works - will replace.
    Pants and jacket have some damage - worst in pic - but some other minor tears - mostly where I had stuff in pockets.

    Oh, and I was OK - some lovely multi-coloured bruises on my left knee, hip, and a small scrape and bruise on my arm (from rubbing on the jacket) - oh and a bruised or cracked rib. Not bad at all considering.
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    Teknic perforated leather jacket with hard pink knee pads installed in shoulder pockets ( no name jacket couple years old).

    nike air crosstrainers

    Belstaff carbon kevlar gloves.

    Arai Quantum E helmet.

    Low side at 140 km/h.

    left shouldar damage, couple scratches on arai helmet. 2 holes in leather of palm of the gloves. All gear is useable and will be recommissioned until i can afford new stuff. The nikes however didn't fare so well and have since been decommissioned.
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    SV track, VFR road
    Aerostich Roadcrafter (1pc)

    ~60km lowside in July '02. There is a small (Loonie-sized) burn mark on the over the knee. The suit has an extra layer of ballistic(?) nylon there and it didn't even come close to wearing through the first layer. Essentially undamaged--probably the most durable textile suit out there. I don't have the optional hip pads, and I did end up with a baseball size bruise on my hip.

    Sidi OnRoad boots

    The boots held together fine--just minor scuffing. I did end up with a badly fractured tibia (spiral fracture) requiring surgery. I also enjoy nerve damage in my foot that looks to be permanent at this point. I don't know that any boot would have improved my chances here, unless the lugged sole on the boot gripped the pavement while my leg was under the bike? I'll never know for sure. At any rate, I now have Sidi Discovery and Sidi Vertebra Race boots--both of which offer more protection for my already damaged foot/ankle.

    Alpinestars gloves

    Don't know the model (~$70 on sale). Fairly basic gloves, but they held up fine and I continue to use them.
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    PeteDawg, could u elaborate on the circumstances of the crash? what surface did u slide on etc? just seems like incredibly little damage and injury for such a high speed crash. thinking u were lck enough to slide onto grass or something. what about pants?

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    2002 SV650S Ghost
    Guess it's my turn...

    Helmet: HJC CL-14
    Jacket: JR Balistic 4.0 (I think. It's just Balistic)
    Pants: JR Balistic pants
    Boots: Wynd

    Crash tested: I guess 50km/h into the back of a car... Hopefully it was slower.

    Damage? Internal organs. Gear came through without a scratch. Helmet is a gonner, but that's to be expected. Minor scratches on the helmet.

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