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Thread: Visor Tear-off's

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    Question Visor Tear-off's

    Well? ANyone use em'. If you do use them, or have, then what do you think of them. Off the top of my head, I havent seen them in too many pictures of guys racing, but not sure on that one

    Any and all opinions welcome


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    I have some Note, but they are for Arai RR's, you dont need em out here...

    you need them in Calgary, imagine this on your visor after 2 hours of was sickening...

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    I imagine out in the prairies where you can get june bugs the size of cherry tomatos splashing their guts all over your visor, they might come in handy. When I ride in the Fraser canyon or on the loop I find I need to clean the visor when I stop for gas, but I think tear-offs would be a waste of money unless you are racing.

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