We are trying to organize a SS1000 for the Saturday the 13th of September. There are tow thread on this an information chit chat thread and a sign up thread.

I wanted to make sure that all of you knew your were invited to participate. Some of the greats in the Long distance community have been women for example Ardys Kellerman is a
4 time IBR finisher at 69!

Go to the website http://www.ironbutt.com/ to learn more.

We would love to have you along on the ride. I know that there are some serious women LD riders in the Vancouver area and some of you have a lot of riding information to share.

These are the notes from the start of the September 13th sign up thread

Iron Butt Riders - September 13th
This thread is to be replied to only if you are planning to/hoping to ride in the SS1000, that I have now named for convenience(and without Julia's permission) the Swan 1000.

If you want to ride this ride or come to the meeting on this ride this is where you post your name etc. All future ride date , time, discussions will be on here, any other questions will be on the original Iron Butt Thread.

That should keep things going. I am off to the see the start of the IBR Saturday back Monday so not much will be happening starting tomorrow night on here. So as Mike Meyers says chat amongst yourselves.

By the way I am really pleased with the level of interest in this type of riding. Who Knew??

Have fun
and ride safe


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