What to do with old riding gear?
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Thread: What to do with old riding gear?

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    Question What to do with old riding gear?

    What to do with old riding gear that you don't use, still has life, but no one is interested in buying?

    For instance, I have an old leather motorcycle jacket. I don't think anyone will want to buy it because the style is a bit outdated. I used to have an old pair of boots that were well-worn, but still useable. The boots ended up in the trash; the jacket hangs in the back of my closet.

    Is there some organization that might find these things useful? Say, a motorcycle training school?

    I could also give them to Value Village or Salvation Army, but I don't know how usefull it would be to them.

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    There's always poor newbies out there that will be happy
    to have gear, no matter what the condition.

    I would have killed to lay hands on some riding pants, gloves
    or jacket when I was starting out.

    Post it up on the for sale section, price = $one karma deposit.

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    Yeah, just put it in the for sale section and say that the best offer gets it. I'm sure someone will buy it if the price is "right".
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    save it for a passenger if he/she does not have own gear.

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    I'd post up in the Accessories/Parts Forum and offer them up FREE to a newbie. Perhaps one who needs gear to take a course. You'd be doing your part to further the sport.

    A Riding School is a good idea too, but they may have liability issues.

    (Way to go, Gord!)
    Good Luck and Godspeed!

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    If you are going to donate it, I agree with the other posties... offer it on this board to people as a way fo promoting safer riding gear etc to folks who may not have cash coming out the ass, and include the only cost as being the gas it takes them to come and pick it up from you.

    Kudos to you for helping out a local rider.

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    I like Tchans idea.

    I've kept all my gear for passengers.
    skanks usually don't have leathers in their wardrobe

    IF yo'ure goin to be given it away though, make sure it's to a canadian...and someone who can prove theyv'e got a bike, andnot some herion junky lookin to sell your free shit. (but that's a different story altogether )

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    I've kept most of my old gear over the years and someone always needs it sooner or later....can you imagine the look on your friend who just bought his/her first bike and has been riding in a jean jacket 'cause he's got no money for leathers and you lay a leather coat on him/her........it's worth way more than money
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    If there's absolutely no use for it to you, give it away or sell it dirt cheap. There's tons of newbs on here that would love to have your dorky leather jacket and boots. It's always nice to have spares for friends or passengers but if that's not a problem, post em up.

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