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    track bikes...

    my question is this, i was thinking of buying a track bike but i know nothing about the laws that go along with it. do they have to be insured at all?
    or registered?
    do they need to have vin #`s? if so where are they all (more specifecly where on a 97 gsxr would they be)
    what tracks are around the lower mainland and how do you get involved with the tracks. ie. is there a license you need?
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    cheers, mike

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    Do a search in the Race/Track forum. Most of your questions can be answered there.
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    The VIN on that bike is on the steering head part of the frame on the right hand side. Some tracks require a registration, some don't. I haven't tried but I am sure that they'll want some proof of ownership when you cross the border. There is no insurance at the race track unless it's part of a school.

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    As far as where to get started, the local club (WMRC) holds races and 'Test & Tune' track days at Mission Raceway Park, and you can check out the club's website at:

    If you are a B.C. resident, you'll need a race license to get on the track at Mission, even for T&T days. If you don't have a racing license, go to to register for a track or racing school (involves a classroom session, a day of training at Tradex plus a day on the Mission track).

    If you want to check out Pacific Raceways near Seattle and Portland Int'l Raceway in Oregon, go to and for all their school and race info.

    There is no insurance for track use (ie. you crash or someone crashes into you, you pay to fix) but you may want to insure it for theft, vandalism, etc. (I think you can do this with a storage policy, but you'd have to check with ICBC or your private insurance agent).

    You don't need any additional type of registration through the Motor Vehicle Branch for track use. At the track, you won't be asked to produce proof of ownership or insurance (you will at a U.S/Canada border crossing, though); as long as your bike is properly race-prepped, that's all that race officials will check for at Tech Inspection. Details of what race-prep is required are in the WMRC rule book, which can be downloaded from the website.

    FYI, you'll usually find the VIN on a frame spar, near the steering head. It should also be on the engine somewhere.

    Hope this helps, Mike, and hope to see you out there soon!
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