To the old school suzuki on downes road last night!
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Thread: To the old school suzuki on downes road last night!

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    To the old school suzuki on downes road last night!

    This ain't a huge deal, but I've seen a lot of this lately. Time to speak out and rant.

    I'm driving in my fiance's '88 4runner at 10:15ish, heading east on Downes road in Abbotsford, going past MEI and Northview. Stupid suzuki (I think), rides my bumper, with his friggn high beams on.

    Ok, understand that those high beams are so bright that they blind cagers at night. It's fine to ride with them on during the day, but at night, it's a little excessive.

    Anyhow, I flash my brake lights a bunch of times, trying to send him some sort of a signal to turn off his high beams and to stop tailing me. But this somehow does not get through to him. He finally ends up passing me (even though he had the chance for nearly a minute).

    All I can say to this guy. You're lucky my light bar fuse had blown a half hour earlier. Otherwise, I would've melted you off your bike with five 15,000 candle watt bulbs, after you passed me.

    Yeah yeah, I know it's good to be seen. But sheesh, you're not going to be seen if everyone else is blinded.

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    Probably the same asshole Floman saw last month..


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    Yeah! fuck those assholes anyways.


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