buying a bike need suggestion thanks
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Thread: buying a bike need suggestion thanks

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    buying a bike need suggestion thanks

    im new to here ..
    just wanna know what kind bikes can i get for 1.5g ?

    is it possible to get a sportbike for hat price? used..
    i like the looks of the sport bikes.. or similiar..

    anyone please give me some suggestion and pictures. thanks..

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    First off WELCOME ABOARD <----standard greeting.

    For $1500 you had better forget about the sportbike idea right now. That amount of cash will barely buy you a mid 80's standard in half decent shape these days. And also forget about anything that is super cheap that "just needs a little work". I've seen my share of these and what starts out cheap ends up being a $3500 motorcycle at minimum. And add lots more to that if you can't do your own work on everything.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but that's the situation around the lower mainland these days. Keep saving and don't forget that you need to budget for gear and training as well as the bike.
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    I say start saving first. Motorcycle courses will cost you $600.00 or so. Then you'll want to get the proper gear too. So start saving now, get your license first if you don't have one yet. Then look around for bikes.
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    dude my first bike was 1200.00 but i spent a total of 2200.00
    with gear and repairs....

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    You CAN get an older gixxer 750 for that price if you look around,
    I mean really look around..... My bike was a total Investment of 4000$.... And it's basicly brand new now.... it came with 1200 k's on the clock.... but did need a little TLC....

    there is cheap bikes out there waiting to be found.....

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