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    bike exhuast

    This post came out from another board, a police officer answered with this reply

    I hate motorcycle noise complaints because I feel that the law is clear enough, but the courts will not support convictions. This can be a very real annoyance and too much noise is actually bad for your health.

    The law:


    7.03 (1) A motor vehicle propelled by an internal combustion engine shall be equipped with an exhaust muffler consisting of a series of pipes or chambers which ensures that the exhaust gases from the engine are cooled and expelled without excessive noise.

    Vehicle noise

    27 A motor vehicle shall be equipped with an exhaust muffler which complies with section 7.03 of the regulations.

    The opinion of an inspector as to whether the engine and exhaust noise is greater than that made by other vehicles in good condition of comparable size, horsepower, piston displacement or compression ratio shall determine whether exhaust gases are expelled with excessive noise.


    7A.01 No person shall start, drive, turn or stop any motor vehicle, or accelerate the vehicle engine while the vehicle is stationary, in a manner which causes any loud and unnecessary noise in or from the engine, exhaust system or the braking system, or from the contact of the tires with the roadway.

    Unfortunately, I have very rarely had any success with noise charges unless I can show that the motorcycle is not equipped with a muffler at all, and even then I have had convictions denied in the courts.

    Unfortunately, I cannot say that the law will solve your problem and don't know what to advise you to do, expect maybe visit our

    im Zexed BABY @_@

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    SO glad to see more of our hard earned tax money is goin towards infringing laws upon us, rather then helping us in a real matter. *me shakes head*

    Naturally we'll never have to put up with loud harlies now , right?
    what's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    p.s. FTP ...& GVT.

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