converting slip on to high mount!
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Thread: converting slip on to high mount!

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    converting slip on to high mount!

    just wondering if it could be done for a cbr 929 akrapovic slip on to be made into a high mount! i think they sell an s bend but i don't know if i shouldjust buy new exhaust!

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    Go to White Rock Muffler at Oxford and Marine on the beach. They'll be able to bend a pipe up for ya but you'll have to change the mounting yourself. I tell you to go there because they're the best exhaust shop in the lower mainland. I've been dealing with them forever and have never had a bad experience or heard a bad word about them. They are pretty good at fab too, they may be able to help you out with the mounting prob.

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    I looked into getting a pipe bent for my Micron but the exhaust shops weren't too interested in it. I would buy the S shaped connector pipe with or without the hardware. My S connector pipe was $140 bucks without the hardware from the states. In that price I was paying shipping and brookerage. You may not be charged as much because Akra is a little more commonly ordered around here. They wanted another $140 for the hradware so I made my own bracketing.
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