I Got A Car!!
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Thread: I Got A Car!!

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    I Got A Car!!

    I just got a car!!
    '86 Camaro, black, and it passed air care!
    It does need some work though, mostly body stuff.
    I may not be able to ride to BCSB stuff, but I can start showing up now. Which reminds me, do bikes need to be air-cared?

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    What Vehicles are Included in AirCare?
    All light-duty vehicles, 5000 kg and under, registered in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley must be tested.

    The following light-duty vehicles are exempt:

    2001 and 2002 model year vehicles
    Vehicles with vintage plates
    Motorcycles, snowmobiles, amphibious vehicles and ATVs
    Farm fleet and agricultural vehicles
    Motor homes with a net vehicle weight over 3500 kg
    Vehicles with collector plates* (except new applications for collector status)

    Electric vehicles
    *Please Note: Vehicles are required to have passed an AirCare inspection as a one-time condition of application for collector's designation.

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