STOLEN: Xbox + Games + Clarion Pro-audio deck
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Thread: STOLEN: Xbox + Games + Clarion Pro-audio deck

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    STOLEN: Xbox + Games + Clarion Pro-audio deck

    Anyone spot this stuff please some info would be dope. Broke into my car at around 6am this morning, ran out, saw the car, and they drove off. Didnt have a bat or anything, and couldnt chase them because I didnt have my keys. Grey/Silver Astro van (Some sort of van, thats what it looked like, had no glasses)

    Clarion Pro-audio Faceplate (Fucking idiots)
    Xbox + 2 Type S controllers
    NCAA 2004***
    Tony Hawk 4
    Sega GT
    NHL 2002
    Simpsons Road Rage

    ***Here is the best part, NCAA 2004 is NOT sold in stores in Canada. I work at EA sports so I got it. Anyone see this please give me info. Anything leading to recovery and you just scored $200
    Thx guys

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