My back protector won't stop wandering off on me. After the T&T at Mission on July 19 it got packed up into Digi's trailer and now it has dissappeared after the August 4 trackday in Spokane.

The Missing Back Protector:
Black Teknic w/ single waist strap

The Details:
I was pitted near Dalton, SMZ, and Jason R. There were quite a few other people around and under the tent. At the end of the trip home I realized that I was without my back protector. PMs to various people lead me to beleive that someone simply packed it up by mistake.
  • It was last spotted by SMZ and Dalton on a lawn chair near Dalton and SMZ's tent.
  • Jason R said that he saw someone from Dalton and SMZ's group pick it up thinking it was theirs.
  • Dalton did not have anything extra after unpacking his truck.
  • SMZ is asking around to see if he can track it down.

The Cry for Help:
So, if anyone mistakenly packed up my back protector, let me know; post up or PM or both. I would be glad to have it back. If only for the simple pleasure of having to track it down again after I loose it at the next track day.