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    Ride forum suggestions

    Some people like to lead rides. Last year Atomlowe did a lot for example. Some others seem to have the bug this season (and be doing a pretty good job, though I haven't been out to see for myself).

    In lieu of all the group ride carnage lately and the resultant finger pointing and lack of confidence of bcsb members it might not be a bad idea to revamp the whole ride forum thing into something a little more formal, not only as a sorta CYA measure but also just to promote the best rides possible!

    I was thinking that a ride leader registration/feedback system would be pretty sweet. Since my head is mostly empty I had lots of room to imagine it as going a little something like this:

    Lets say Joe Schmoe posts a ride. Joe Schmoe would have to be signed up as a ride leader in order to do this. This would require him to volunteer a little info about his experience and ride habits, etc. By doing so he'd gain a ride leader profile which would have rating, feedback, and whatnot available for others to browse. Just like ebay!

    If he's a 5 star ride leader with a history of newbie rides and lots of feedback like "Joe Schmoe rocked! He sat us all down and explained the ride plan and intention before we set out and never waivered once. He even booted some jackasses off the ride for unsafe behavior! As a new rider I'd not hesitate to ride with Joe Schmoe!" then newer riders could be a lot more confident that the ride isn't gonna turn into an unorganized (and potentially unsafe) clusterfuck. Leadership is about keeping people under control and informed as much as it is about stepping up to volunteer...

    Not only that but it would be a great way to give a little recognition to those who work their butts off to provide some entertainment to the apathetic masses out there (like yours truly!).

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    That's a great idea. Wonder how hard that would be to set up?
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