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    Thumbs down Road rage

    Police probe fatal road rage incident

    By Jon Murray and Tom Spalding
    August 8, 2003

    A cab driver involved in a fatal road rage encounter with a motorcyclist was suspended from work Friday as a police investigation continued.

    Richard Harvath, 43, a contract driver for Yellow Cab, has not been charged in the death of Singh "David" Biring Harinder, 36, who suffered severe head injuries after he was thrown from his motorcycle in the Eastside crash Thursday afternoon.

    Yellow Cab on Friday issued a statement expressing its condolences to Biring's family. The company has suspended Harvath pending an investigation, said Yellow Cab operations manager Tim Neville.

    Road-rage incidents in Marion County aren't new, but most don't end as violently.

    Indianapolis police said the two vehicles were positioned single-file at a traffic light on Massachusetts near 38th Street when Harvath honked at Biring's motorcycle. Biring, who was in front of the cab, made an obscene gesture and continued west on two-lane Massachusetts Avenue. The cab then tail-gated the bike.

    Police say Harvath's taxi passed Biring, then braked in front of the motorcycle, and Biring lost control as he tried to stop.

    He was thrown into oncoming traffic and hit by a Pontiac sedan traveling in the opposite direction. Biring, who was not wearing a helmet, died at Methodist Hospital.

    Investigators stopped questioning Harvath at the scene when he asked to speak to an attorney.

    Nationwide, 13,000 people have died or been injured in crashes triggered by aggressive drivers since 1990 in the most recent statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

    Indianapolis police don't track accidents caused by road rage, but do chronicle severe cases. Last month, IPD reported that two men, Michael P. Birt, 36, and Tyrone Jones, 25, shot each other after one did not pull away quickly enough from a green light. The men stopped, got out of their vehicles and argued before the shootings.

    Sgt. Steve Staletovich of the Indianapolis Police Department said he could not recall any similar road-rage fatalities.

    "They are pretty rare," he said Friday. "The ones we don't know about are the near misses. It's one thing to have some kind of face-to-face altercation. But when you surround an attitude with 3,000 pounds of metal, people can get killed."

    Leon James, a professor who studies traffic psychology at the University of Hawaii, said he calls incidents like the one alleged in this case a "road-rage duel."

    "One of them could have backed out," James said. "At each point they have to make a decision of whether to go on or not."

    Neville said Harvath, like all the company's drivers, leased his taxi from the company but worked on a contract basis, not as an employee. He could not say how long Harvath had been under contract.

    "That's all part of our investigation," Neville said.

    Friends were mourning the long-haired roofer and calling the tragedy senseless.

    Harvath, of the 2000 block of Amerherst Drive, has no traffic tickets on his Indiana driving record, said Media Trent, a spokeswoman for the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

    He has had an Indiana driver's license since 1996 and a chauffeur's license since 1999.

    The Marion County prosecutor's office will be involved but hasn't been formally presented with the case.

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    God damn cabbies think they own the road. About two weeks ago I had the same sort of experience with Yellow #52 only I was smart enough to get the hell away from him.Focker

    R.I.P. David

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    I really hate cab drivers. I never give them the time of day when I'm in my truck. Now, when I'm on my bike, I give everyone the right of way, just because I'd rather be safe than sorry. I've encountered a few disputes with cab driver's...usually because of their aggressive and careless driving - I put a nice dent on their driver's door though

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    Cab drivers are idiots, especially the ones on granville, don't even use the rear side mirrors to check for riders. I'd understand no shoulderchecking (bad enough) as a habit, I was almost sanwiched over the weekend.

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    Did you also see ther dates that the cabbie got his liscenes? He only had his liscence for 3 years then got his chauffers ticket.

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    Cabbies! Now THERE'S a people that should be checked for liscences regularly!

    They will be the end of us pedestrians!

    People who never do any more than they get paid for never get paid for any more than they do.
    – Albert Hubbard

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    i hate cab drivers too
    i almost got hit twice by cabs that ran stop signs without even slowing down at first!

    that was evil..what the cab did to the biker...

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    it is merely coincidence or lack of full reporting that something like this has not yet occurred in the lower mainland... road rage (particularly against motorcyclists and cyclists) is out of control in this city.

    stop and check yourself the next time you find your blood pressure rising in traffic - is it really worth it?

    we all want to get home safe.....
    one six two seven eight nine

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    Agreed, cab drivers are lunatics. I had a yellow cab cut me off in my cage, so I honked. He cuts in front of me, then slams on the brakes to try and get me to rearend him. I missed him by maybe six inches and at the time he had three people in the cab with him. Almost as bad as transit bus drivers.

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    Tsk. Lots of crazy people out there. At least it isn't local.

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    That's terrible.

    As for the cabbies, give 'em a break. they are just trying to make a buck to feed their familly.

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    Originally posted by Miteorite

    As for the cabbies, give 'em a break. they are just trying to make a buck to feed their familly.
    the problem is the callous attitude that a lot of cabdrivers have. they have by far the worst road ettiquette. they always cut people off and seem oblivious to everything around them. ive had a few road rage incidents with cabbies before too - a notable instance is where a guy tried to prevent me from merging on a wideopen road because he cut me off earlier and i honked at him. he proceeded to swing out from the outer lane and cut off my merge. yeah they are making a living and all but have some damn respect for other road users.

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