DANGIT that was close x2
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Thread: DANGIT that was close x2

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    DANGIT that was close x2

    So there I was minding my own business riding home on a fairly busy street (by Victoria standards). When I see a white van beside me and I know Im gonna turn left ahead.

    Accelerate, signal, shoulder check, accelerate a bit more, mirror check **HOLY SHIT** traffic in front of me is stopping, accelerate hard and avoid..... PHEW that was a close one....

    Go through the light 300 meters after the first close call. Gonna turn left ahead look at the little league park and a Sammy Sosa wannabe hammers a fly ball from second base, **HOLY SHIT** its gonna hit me.

    Ive played outfield for years and I knew it was gonna be close.

    The ball soars over top of me AFTER I brake hard and get into the left turn lane, all the other traffic must have seen it too cause they all stop as well.

    I turned left and stopped at the ball park and tore the 19 yr old kid a new asshole.

    I got home safe after that. Thought I would share my stories. I have close calls all the time, but rarely that close.

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    Weird, must be more of that Chinese ghost stuff.

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