incedent with a black mustang
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Thread: incedent with a black mustang

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    incedent with a black mustang

    hey guys i just had a question.. my buddy found out that i was a member of this site and he told me about an incedent from about a year ago. just wonering if anyone knew this buddy was in his black 95 5L he was driving down 152 towards white rock as u went to turn right on to colebrook road some guy comes up on a bike and kicks the passenger side of the door.. he said he didnt know why ???? anyway my buddy chashed him down colebrook the guy couldnt get away and as he took the left off of colebrook going towards king goerge.. the guy on the bike looses it a bit went into the gravel stayed up though he got back on the road tryed to kep going.. ..but i guess it rattled him a bit so he pulls over on king goerge my buddy jumped out and the guy took off.. or so the story goes anyway just wondering if he is telling the truth or weather he did something to prevoke it just curious.. anyone remember anything i would like to hear what happened cause i just cant see some guy coming up for no reason and booting his car....
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    your stuff is impossible to read
    hit enter once in a while, or use periods.

    maybe the rider kicked mustang's door because the mustang cut him off or otherwise behaved stupidly. i'm not suprised that the driver of the mustang didn't even notice it.

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    there i put in periods lol..sorry guys i dont even realize i do that..

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    Maybe the rider tried to lane cut and turn right before the driver could and got caught at it. He then kicked the door to get the drivers attention and wasn't expecting to be chased down.

    Not always the cagers fault. I had a rider try to turn right from my left side across my bumper when I was clearly turning right also. If I would have smeared him, his fault.

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