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Thread: Kamloops to SBW

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    Kamloops to SBW

    Anyone going down this Friday to SBW from Kamloops or passing thru kamloops on the way to SBW? If so let me know so I can join you in the ride down.

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    My buddy is coming from Barnhartvale or something like that in Kamloops on Friday. I'm coming up from the coast to meet him at the toll booth. Thats half way for you at least, he has a Gixxer 1K. Let me know so I can e-mail him.

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    Hi, I am up from Prince George, in Kamloops, leaving with the guys from Leading Edge on Friday.

    I dont' know when they are gonna be leaving Friday..

    But I will be with them. Getting new front tire put on tommorow for the event.

    My cell is 613-5540. Or call Leading Edge tommorow and ask Jim when they are leaving. .

    Hopefully gonna goto Pemberton tommorow as well.

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